Quality Assurance

The Main Industries Quality Management System (QMS), is both ISO 9001:2000 and NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04 compliant and provides best practices and procedures for all aspects of SeaPort-e contract performance and administration. An integral part of Main Industries Quality Management System is the Quality Manual for the close, consistent monitoring of work quality.

The Main Industries Quality Manual provides the framework for on-time, in-cost delivery of quality products. In addition, we use proven Process Controls, Work Procedures, and subcontractor coordination and control procedures, as applicable; to accomplish any SeaPort-e awarded task/delivery orders. The Quality Director and staff, has the authority and responsibility for implementation of the quality management system, and periodic update of our process controls and work procedures to reflect state-of-the art, optimum practices.

When required for each assigned “SeaPort-e” task, a Main Industries prepared Quality Work Plan specifies, in adequate detail, the means by which we execute the task defined by a Delivery Order or Task Order, to ensure the satisfaction of the customer and to be in full compliance with the contract. Each individual Quality Plan is a document describing, work steps and inspection/validation checkpoints. Our Quality Plan includes generally required quality control documents as well as those unique to each deliverable to ensure/verify accuracy and completeness of each task.

Main Industries has developed and implemented a series of Quality Procedures that cover the entire spectrum of potential “SeaPort-e” shipboard work. All Main Industries ship work practices, material specifications, inspection/record requirements, etc. meet the requirements of Process Control Procedures for new tasks and functions are developed as required by specific Delivery Orders and Task Orders.

Main Industries Quality Control Manual defines our methods for performing general SeaPort-e contract support functions and are all in accordance with NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04. Examples include, but are not limited to, those for document control, purchasing, control of Government property, material receipt inspection, control of calibrated equipment, inspection and testing, material handling, storage, packaging, preservation, delivery, internal quality audits and control of quality records. All coating inspections performed by Main Industries are conducted by NBPI/ NACE inspectors.

In summary, Main Industries Quality Manual, Work Procedures, Process Control Procedures, Test and Inspection Program, and subcontractor control procedures, coupled with our company policy of continuous process improvement and quality-oriented approach, provide the tools and framework to successfully monitor and maximize quality supporting all Seaport-e tasking.