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Main Industries, Inc., headquartered in Hampton, Virginia was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in August 1976. Main Industries, Inc. also has an additional office in Charleston, South Carolina. Main is a 38-year old, employee-owned company that has earned an excellent reputation for providing surface preparation and coating services to the U.S. Navy, U.S. and foreign flag commercial vessels, and industrial customers. We are an employee owned company under our company wide Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which contributes to our employee retention, commitment and performance.

Main Industries has built a prestigious reputation with its customers for providing the finest available service for abrasive blasting, coating application and scaffolding and access needs . Main’s dedication to its mission of high quality work has attracted shipyards and industrial customers for over 38 years. Main assists these companies in achieving their corrosion problems by offering its surface preparation and coating services for shipboard interiors and exteriors, barges, oil rigs, facility and plant maintenance and new construction steel fabrication. Main has succeeded in establishing a reputation for producing high quality work. Additionally, Main offers staging and containment structures to satisfy the environmental regulatory requirements that affect the coatings industry. Main continues to build upon its reputation for being one of the premier blasting and coating contractors in the United States.

In the past decade, Main has completed over 35 million square feet of internal tank surface preparation and coating. Additionally, Main has completed in excess of 50 million feet of exterior surface preparation and coating.

Main Industries, Inc. is a member of the following associations:

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Main Industries is an SSPC QP-1 certified contractor specializing in corrosion control through surface preparation and coatings application. Main Industries accomplishes surface preparation utilizing abrasive blasting equipment and by the “environmental friendly” ultra-high pressure waterjetting. Main Industries stands ready to help you with your next project.

In 1962, while working as an estimator at a local shipyard, my father sold detergents from our home to a local chain of grocery stores. I received seven cents a bottle commission for each bottle I sold. The company was known as Hampton Roads Chemical Corporation. Later, we expanded our product line to include degreasers and sold these to local shipyards and service stations.

The turning point came in 1970 when our small company became the local representative for a major manufacturer of marine coatings. Shortly thereafter Main Industries was founded in 1976. Main Industries overall mission was to offer sandblasting and painting capabilities to shipyards along the East Coast. Main Industries won numerous subcontracts from shipyards in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. These contracts involved surface preparation and painting of regularly scheduled overhauls of U.S. Navy ships and all types of commercials vessels.

During the 1980’s, our world changed. The Cold War had ended and America did not need a 600 ship Navy fleet to hold communism in check. To us at Main Industries, this change meant a cut back in available military work.

In order to compensate for these cut backs, Main Industries began to explore the commercial and industrial world of coatings while continuing to support the marine world. Although marine work provides Main Industries with a large portion of annual revenue, industrial coatings projects account for an ever increasing percentage of sales annually.
Here at Main Industries, we have the technological edge and experience to complete complicated technical projects while adhering to strict EPA and OSHA standards. With our capable and mobile workforce, we can bring our expertise and professionalism right to your doorstep. At Main Industries, we understand the maintenance challenges and corrosion problems you face as a marine or industrial facility operator. Main Industries stands ready to take on those challenges for you.

Main Industries is made up of competent professionals. These professionals are ready to evaluate your project and offer the best solution to meet your corrosion control and coatings needs. We are ready, willing and able to work with you and your staff to virtually eliminate the inconvenience associated with coatings projects. Our professionals possess a great understanding of quality in materials, workmanship, and capabilities. Here at Main Industries, we take pride in service, and that keeps us one step ahead of tomorrow.
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If you would like Main Industries to provide a quote or need assistance or recommendations in your corrosion problem contact Main Industries today at (800) 970-7264.